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by™ on October 2, 2019

Researchers further found that most (75%) of users “would make a purchase” directly from a mobile ad. It’s also well known that most shoppers are using mobile devices while pre-shopping and/or while in physical stores (55% per this report) to compare pricing. Researchers also found:

▪ 47% use mobile devices to find coupons or discounts while shopping in-store
▪ 41% take pictures for reference
▪ 70% are using smartphones for make online purchases; fewer than one-third are using either a desktop or tablet

Put together, these finds are an indicator that mobile ad placement, as well as context, may be key in converting more shoppers in the mobile space. And maybe not just during the back to school rush.

Data from Yes Marketing indicates that holiday shopping campaigns are beginning earlier and earlier, with about one-quarter of Black Friday messages now hitting consumer inboxes before November 19, and these earlier emails are getting clicks and conversions.

In addition to sending earlier – and perhaps, as AdColony’s report suggests – tying in mobile ad placements with email messaging, the Yes Marketing report notes that general holiday campaigns, those using phrasing like Seasons Greetings rather than Merry Christmas, fared better, with conversion rates doubling to 6.5% (2018) from 3.9% (2017). Last year saw about a 10% increase in brands using generalized holiday campaigns (57.4% in 2018).

Their research suggests being more general in themed campaigns, even outside the holiday season, could be a key to engaging more shoppers and increasing conversion rates year-round. In addition to looking at these alternative or unconventional holiday themes, the Yes Marketing data suggests brands will fare better when using the kind of language and lifestyle imaging that their customers most relate to, and if they establish an online presence in the digital channels that are the most relevant to their consumers.

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