How Digital Marketing is Changing the Game

by Tori Lutz on August 27, 2019

How Digital Marketing is Changing the Game

Every aspect of society, whether cultural or economic, has changed and adapted in response to technological changes. Marketing is no different. The new era of digital marketing has brought with it new possibilities, new concepts, and new strategies. Here are some of the heavy hitters:

Mobile Purchasing

In the year 2017, more than two billion people made purchases from their smartphone directly. The general trend towards e-commerce has been well established, but the large mobile subset of that can’t be ignored either.

In order to cope, companies must establish mobile-friendly content. This includes websites that are easily viewable in mobile, interfaces that are easy to use with a touchscreen, and photos/videos and other media that fit well on mobile screens.

Other marketing features that rely on location services can also be valuable, such as suggested coupons or deals when approaching a physical retail store.

Social Media Integration

Along with increased mobile use comes increased social media use. Brands have taken to social media as a way to reach users effectively and develop their own brand identity further.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Snapchat all offer business accounts complete with business and marketing features. Digital social media marketing has become an increasingly big business, since consumers may be more likely to buy products and services based on friends’ or idols’ recommendations than by tracking them down via search engine.

With the rise of social media marketing comes the rise of influencers and brand ambassadors. These users develop large fanbases and then utilize them for profit by partnering with businesses to promote their products.

Social media marketing has become a great way for companies to have a more direct line to consumers in a space they visit often and are comfortable in. But perhaps the greatest benefit to businesses via social media is the leveraging of user data.


User behavior is incredibly important, since marketing is essentially getting consumers to behave a certain way based on ad campaigns and the like.

Analytics and consumer behavior in the digital marketing world can be more insightful than ever before. Because users can be prompted to log in on other sites using their social media profiles, it’s possible to gain insight from specific actions taken by online consumers never possible in the brick-and-mortar world.

Businesses can now see if a site visitor stays on the site for a long time or exits right away. They can see if that visitor came via a link from an Instagram ad, or sought the company out after seeing an influencer post.

By aggregating this knowledge and analyzing it through demographic and other lenses, companies and big data specialists can make determinations about where to best allocate resources and how to direct their digital marketing strategy.

In Summary

If one thing hasn’t changed in the digital world, it’s that marketing remains a crucial aspect of any business.

By focusing on mobile integration, brands can leverage the increasing section of e-commerce activity carried out on smartphones. Through a smart social media strategy, they can interact with consumers more directly and consistently. Lastly, the field of customer data and analytics is more useful and robust than ever before.
We hope you enjoyed this article on how digital marketing is changing the game in the e-commerce world. For more like this, head to our blog.

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