What should you look for in a smartphone?

by SimpleMobileSites.com™ on October 20, 2014

If there is one market that has grown probably more than any other in the world it is definitely that of mobile technology, this is because both mobile phones and tablets are now owned by the vast majority of people in first world countries.

One of the incredible things that mobile phones can actually do these days is play all your favourite games that you would only expect to find on the PC. Many of these games are great fun to play when you are waiting for a train or bus as they will keep you entertained for hours on end. The only problem is actually picking your phone as there are so many to choose from.
Manufacturer LG have created the LG G Flex which is a mobile phone that actually bends to the contours of your face when you are on a phone call.

This is because the chassis of the phone is actually designed to be bendable so that it is more comfortable when you are on the phone all holding the phone for a long time. For example if you are playing games for many hours on your phone the phone were actually be more comfortable due to impending to the shape of your hands meaning that you will enjoy your experience much more.

This can help you out either if you play for hours on the most up to date games, such as recent console ports of GTA, or simple casino games at a site like http://www.gamingclub.com/ca/online-slots. Even when playing for short amounts of time on your phone, it can still leave your hands stiff and in the worst-case scenario even lead to RSI.

After quite a few years Apple’s iPhone is still a firm favourite amongst a lot of the population. Their phones are stylish and have great access to a variety of games through their app store. Althoguh the prices are notoriously a little higher on Apple products, this is in line with the high levels of customer satisfaction.

The current iPhone 6, although likely to be “outdated” by Apple’s next model very soon, will be lasting for years yet.

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