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by™ on May 17, 2019

With the diversity of mobile apps available to consumers growing by the minute, retaining a customer’s loyalty is the holy grail for companies.

The team at TheTake, an app that helps movie viewers identify products and locations from their favorite films, knows that understanding its customers at a personal level and crafting its push notification strategy to reflect that commitment is the key to differentiating from the competition.

“We realized that companies with the most compelling communication strategies send pushes that are like a friend sending you a text message. They know a lot about you and can target you in a creative way,” said Jim Huffman, Vice President of Content and Brand Strategy at TheTake.

People today have little time for relationships that don’t delight them, yet need the love and familiarity of good friends to feel connected in an increasingly fast-paced and demanding world.

By crafting a push notification strategy that takes the personal characteristics and preferences of its users into account, TheTake is starting beautiful friendships with its mobile customers. And with its customer-centric approach, TheTake is serving up mobile moments that “wow.”

Here are the three key elements of TheTake’s strategy:

1) Understanding Users Across Devices

The first step to building a meaningful relationship is finding the people you want to connect with, who also want to connect with you. Retaining users means securing those relationships—a top priority for TheTake. “We don’t care about vanity metrics such as average time spent and the number of sessions. To us, these are short term quick wins. Retention is the long term play,” Jim said.

Today, you’ll find customers not on just one device, but across a variety of touchpoints. TheTake looks at the big picture when it comes to how its customers are interacting with its brand across web and mobile. What people are regularly using the website vs. the mobile app? Are they different? Who are the super users browsing dozens of products, and who is dropping off? With a centralized view of the state of its relationships with different customers, TheTake was able to design a messaging strategy that spoke to users intelligently, no matter how they were engaging with the brand, and inspire them to regularly use the app.

2) Knowing Users’ Interests and Preferences

Friends are the people who share your interests and laugh at the same jokes you find funny. That’s an important insight to apply to building great relationships with customers. In the world of Netflix and Spotify, which have a keen sense for your preferences, customers have greater expectations for brands to understand what they like and dislike and actively serve them information based on that knowledge.

TheTake knows that creating a program that caters to user interests is an extremely effective way to stay relevant in a sea of mobile apps. “We’re tracking what people are saving to drive our messaging. Whether they’re interested in fashion icons or Tarantino movies, we’ll send them pushes that acknowledge those unique preferences,” Jim said.

In addition to using information about what users are liking and saving, TheTake leverages valuable information, such as the day of week people use the app and the gender of each user, to inform its messaging going forward.

3) Delivering the “Wow” Moments

Using the wealth of information it has amassed with Kahuna’s person-centric profiles, TheTake can deliver unique mobile moments that customers will remember, rather than the bland, blanket messages meant for everyone.

For instance: TheTake takes the initiative to predict the weekend movie hits that will resonate with men vs. women and sends them targeted push campaigns by gender. Below is an example of two campaigns that were female only or male only:

This strategy really brings home the old adage that “knowledge is power.” Targeting users by gender allowed TheTake not only to personalize the movie mentioned, but also to be more daring and colorful with its messaging. Why simply mention a movie when you can also highlight the specific products that would excite a girl or guy? Every brand wants to create mobile moments that stand out in people’s minds. It’s all the more likely to happen if you can pinpoint user likes and interests and talk to them like the best friend who shares them. “You want to have a magical moment where you can wow them or deliver a great service,” Jim said. “If you don’t know them, you won’t nail that the right way.”

In Conclusion

As more companies deploy push strategies, people are paying less attention to the messages that aren’t insightful or relevant. TheTake knows that understanding its customers is the foundation of an incredible push strategy. Targeting customers based on their personal characteristics, preferences, and interests is a highly useful strategy that retains users for the long run. More than ever, brands need to get to the heart of their customers as soon as possible so that they can build closer and more meaningful relationships that rise above the noise.

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