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by Lori Jones on December 13, 2019

Weekly together with a cast of various experts in the field on a rotating basis, Copyblogger is a short-form broadcast that looks at various issues from copywriting to social media marketing. These are some of the key areas shaping marketing in today’s age.

With fast internet, ubiquity in devices that can access the internet, as well as the lowering costs of accessing the internet, marketers are increasingly turning to these methods and forms of marketing to make their marketing tasks easier. Worth noting is that these strategies evolve by the day, and various marketers employ them at different scales.

Content Marketing

Content marketing mainly involves the use of different digital methods and assets to stimulate interest in a particular product within a specific target audience. Content marketing changes by the day and newer and more efficient techniques come to the fore every week on the Apple Podcast.

Since business is all about innovation and ingenuity, so is marketing, since marketing is a crucial segment or part of the business. Content marketing continues to witness change and innovation daily, and it is only set to get better, given the ever-changing business environment as well as the shifting choices and preferences of customers.


Copywriting mainly entails coming up with content, especially write-ups that will help to increase knowledge on a particular item or material. Copywriting hugely relates to marketing, since it aims to increase the publicity of a product among a select group of individuals who are the target audience.

The weekly Apple podcast also looks at the trends in copywriting, since it is a very robust pillar in the marketing arena today. Increasingly, as the number of ads increases daily, so does the need to come up with write-ups or text to accompany that ad. This is why copywriting, as a marketing and publicity technique, continues to gain traction and evolve among the marketing community.

Freelance Writing

Marketers and other content users do not have to necessarily come up with the content for their marketing projects by themselves. They could hire a battery of writers to come up with content for marketing purposes.

This is where the aspect of freelance writing comes in. Inherently, freelance writing involves writing or crafting content on behalf of another individual or entity. With the continued growing need for content in the marketing space, freelance writing is becoming more popular and is as well witnessing increasing adoption among the relevant market players.

Freelance writing continues to evolve as well since the needs of marketers keep changing, which requires freelancers to up their game and evolve accordingly as well. The Apple podcast on Copyblogger FM looks at these trends every week, and it even involves an array of rotating experts to look at those trends shaping up and influencing the world of freelance writing in the marketing context.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing mainly involves the use of social media tools and platforms to raise awareness about a particular product and at the same time, publicize it. In today’s age, almost everyone uses social media in one way or the other. Leveraging social media can be beneficial for marketers, and increasingly, marketers are using social media, and continue to explore more ways to harness the power of social media to market their products.

To sum this up, Copyblogger FM looks at some crucial aspects relating to marketing in the weekly Apple podcasts. With new trends emerging in the marketing arena, looking at how various techniques’ applicability helps to improve the knowledge in marketing in the business field.

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