Cities With the Best Wi-Fi Coverage [Infographic]

by Felicity Dyer on October 2, 2014

Not all wireless internet connections are created equal.

Anyone who’s used the internet before—yes, that means you—is familiar with just how much of a difference a good or bad wireless connection can make.

While some cities in the U.S. provide free internet connections that rival some of the best in the world, most have some catching up to do. Rising demand for WiFi means that more people are starting to require connectedness.

Fortunately, WiFi access in the U.S. is only improving. With airports and more cities beginning to provide free wireless access, an increasingly large people are becoming more connected, and at almost no cost to them.

Beware, however: a recent experiment found that six London residents were willing to exchange their firstborn children for a free wireless connection.

Fortunately for their current and/or future children, this was a clause embedded in the terms and conditions to which none of these internet users were aware of agreeing.

This was not a cruel prank, but rather a test meant to demonstrate that internet users must be careful when connecting to a public network. Hopefully, no network administrators out there are truly after our firstborn (or second or third born) children, but there are router owners who could do quite a bit with an unsecure password.

With that in mind, take a look at the following infographic for more information on Wireless Internet around the world.


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