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by SimpleMobileSites.com™ on August 1, 2019

It’s easy as pie to entice your subscribers with a friendly text that promotes a celebration discount. 

As you saw above, urgency drives people to take action. Texting is the perfect medium for promoting time-sensitive, short-term offers that compel your contacts to buy ASAP.

That’s why offering a last-minute deal is such a great way to boost sales. The eleventh-hour urgency entices your contacts to act now — before the deal expires, and before they forget or miss out. 

Plus, if you offer a deal on something they put off booking or buying for someone they love, you’ll be their hero by helping them score it while they still have the chance. 

Wait, what if offering free shipping would put you in the red? 

Or what if you don’t sell physical products? 

Not all businesses sell tangible stuff, and not all that do can afford to promote free shipping. In this case, try offering a free gift or access to an older online product (a course, an ebook, etc). Offer something that’ll cost you next to nothing, while still providing serious value. 

Remember, prospective customers are hungry for a good deal — so incentivizing them with free stuff is a convincing way to turn their interest into sales!

What’s one way to keep your customers coming back for more? 

Reward them for their loyalty! 

Cultivating loyalty with your contacts is one of the best ways to earn repeat business. Texting a “you scratch our back, we’ll scratch yours” offer creates a reciprocity loop that’ll entice your existing customers to buy again. 

One great way to encourage loyalty is rewarding the contacts who’ve been on your list the longest. Inside Sendlane, you can add a segment based on the date a contact was added to your list. 

You could call this segment your Loyalty List!

Sendlane’s all-in-one platform enables you to manage ALL of your marketing communications so you can quickly and easily integrate SMS with your other revenue-boosting efforts. 

The best part of all is that even small businesses can afford text marketing tools that pump up profits. 

When you start working with text marketing, you’ll find it essential to: 

So, are you ready to rev up your revenue with SMS? We’d love to get you started!

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