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by SimpleMobileSites.com™ on May 30, 2019

Incrementality: Stop paying for what’s already yours

Mobile Spree speakers debate the impact of incrementality

Incrementality was a popular topic and the focus of Moshi Blum’s talk. Drawing from his first-hand experience as Head of User Acquisition, Moshi identified and explained the fundamentals of Incremental User Acquisition.

On center stage, Moshi shared his journey to discovering incrementality: “Back in 2016, we decided to invest our marketing budget and spread across a specific country, acquiring more than half a million installs.” Feeling that their budget had been spent well, his team doubled down on what they were doing, acquiring more than a million installs over the span of their campaign. However, discrepancies started to appear. Via analysis, the team stumbled onto a significant problem. “We stopped and analyzed the entire picture, and found something remarkable: we didn’t increase the total number of installs.” In fact, the team was just acquiring their organic traffic, cannibalizing their own users.

Moshi has since identified several possible scenarios where high performance can come at a high price, one that app marketers pay with organic growth. Here are three such areas that can come at the cost of cannibalization:

#1 APPLE SEARCH ADS: This is when you run brand campaigns and target branded keywords to promote your app. Don’t break out the champagne if your campaign is successful because users naturally click on the top search results, rather than scroll down. People will click on the first results related to their search terms, so putting an ad on top will ensure people click on the ad — but not because they are influenced by the ad.

#2 VIDEO ADS: Video ads account for the lion’s share of mobile ad spend. But accountability is another matter. “Some video networks are delivering clicks every time the user finishes seeing the ad automatically,” Moshi says. “Of course, in a world where the click indicates interest in the ad’s offer, generating automatic — effectively non-realistic — clicks can create a skewed picture of attribution.

#3 PREINSTALLS: Preinstalls — apps that come with a new device or are offered as an option to download in the initial device settings, create an interesting issue for app marketers. The problem, Moshi explains, is that the app is effectively delivered to users at a very early stage before they can even go to download it from the Google Play store. As a result, there’s no clear way to know if the user would have installed it anyway.

A second discussion of incrementality at Mobile Spree San Francisco furthered these points, you can watch it below:

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